The OralKleen Value Proposition: Efficacy and Positive Outcomes

Clinical studies validate efficacy and outcomes

OralKleen’s proposal is that ICU ventilator patients will have reduced mortality, morbidity, and HAI (Healthcare Acquired Infections) related expenses. This is a clear opportunity for hospital administration when compared to current oral care practice for ventilator patients.

The OralKleen value

  • A one-year study at Dignity Healthcare using an electric toothbrush resulted in > 50% reduction of reported VAP cases1
  • A user study from 3 different hospitals: 99% prefer OralKleen over current oral care products
1. Prendergast et al 2012 JNN 44(3) 134-46
Prendergast et al 2013 Intensive Crit Care Nurs 2013 29(5) 282-90
Chapple et al 2020 User Validation of novel eTB submitted

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