A comprehensive oral care system to keep your patients safe, healthy, and comfortable

Not just a toothbrush—the OralKleen System fights oral bacteria in six ways. Traditional oral care kits include only manual brushes, antiseptic cleanser, and foam swabs.
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Electric Brush with Light and Suction

Oscillating brush

First electric toothbrush specifically designed for caregivers to use in the hospital

Integrated lighting

LED lighting helps the caregiver safely see the oral cavity

Reduced waste

Smartly designed with reusable tools and disposable components

Integrated suction

Suction removes debris and pooled fluids

One hand

Integrated suction enables caregivers to effectively provide oral care with one hand and one device


Meets all hospital infection control protocols and FDA standards

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Reusable Swab Stick

  • Single-patient use and reusable for the same patient for up to 24 hours
  • Durable Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) head cannot be separated from stick
  • Individual filaments are impossible to remove from the head
  • Handle is textured for optimized grip
  • Traditional foam swabs have been banned in some countries due to reports of aspiration
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Low-profile Tongue Scraper

  • Novel design
  • Comfortable for patients
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates a major source of bacteria
  • Effective in reducing tongue biofilm

Additional system components

The three additional componenets of toothpaste, mouth gel and lip balm completes our vision for holistic oral care. Without these, our kit can't address the issues we are aiming to solve.
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Non-foaming Toothpaste

  • Formulation includes enzymes and lactoferrin, which are present in human saliva
  • Doesn’t dry or harden in the mouth like standard toothpastes
  • Doesn’t contain SLS detergents that may result in oral desquamation
  • Easier to clean from teeth and oral mucosa

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Moisturizing Mouth Gel

  • Reduces dry mouth, pain and bacterial concentration in saliva
  • Contains antimicrobial enzymes normally found in saliva
  • Effective in maintaining mucosa integrity

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Lip Balm

  • Keeps the patient’s lips moisturized and healthy
  • Made from petroleum-free beeswax
  • Non-flavored

Multi-day, biodegradable container

  • Made from Biodegradable and recyclable material for sustainability
  • Durable, water resistant material to keep components clean and safe
  • Compact and stackable for easy storage
  • Can hang container at bedside
  • Usable for entire patient stay, reducing daily waste