For those dependent on others for oral care,

OralKleen makes the best products to combat health complications related to poor oral hygiene.
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β€œThe least effective oral care products are used on the sickest patients in the hospital.”

Virginia Prendergast, PhD - Barrow Neurological Institute


Patients are put on a ventilator every hour*

*Of course this count is before the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic

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Ventilator patients acquire Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP)

40-50% contracting VAP die each year


Patients suffer from VAP daily

Every year 100,000+ patients die from VAP-related complications

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People are dependent on others to provide oral care

From year to year, this ranges upwards of 13 million

We are committed to improve the oral care for the most vulnerable patients in the ICU.

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